Your ulitmate sidekick for productivity

Get more done with an AI that connects all your apps and files in one place while recommending what to do next.

Works with the best

Connect all your apps

Upload PDF and documents, connect your websites and integrate your favorite apps into one place to monitor and get insights.


Save and recall information for later

Save links, ideas and files on the go and let Maia organize them and recall them when you need them.


Chat with your data

Chat with your files, apps, websites, and more. Ask questions, get insights and monitor your projects in real-time.


See through the noise

Maia reads all your files, links and connections to summarize content and unlock new insights

Automate tasks

Generate responses to blogs, emails, social media posts and more using your brand voice

Feature 01

Listens 24/7

Maia never takes a break and is connected to your Google Drive, Notion, your website, calendar and more to alert you of any relevant updates.

Feature 02

Learns overtime

Trains on your data to provid the best insights and recommendations.

Feature 03


Your Maia is personal to you and your data.


You can always update your files and add new connections


Magically learns your style of work and you want things to sound.


Works behind the scenes so you are always being productive, even when you're sleeping.


Remebers all conversations and interactions so you can always go back and review.


All your data is stored securely and never shared with anyone.

Built for top performers

Maia is your AI assistant designed specifically for busy professionals working online.


Analyze data

Drag all your analytics and metrics into Zenbase and ask anything to uncover insights.

Manage your files

Login box must find the right balance for the user convenience, privacy and security.

Build a brand

Train Maia on your voice, personality and preferences to build an AI unique to you.


Find new clients

Connect Zenbase to your client list and the internet to discover patterns and new leads

Optimize SEO

Connect your customer links and analyze their website in real-time.

Streamline content

Get unlimited content ideas tailored to brands


Train your employees

Zenbase knows your business and can train your employees to onboard.

Develop strategies

Let Zenbase collect your current brand stats, docs and content to develop future business strategies

24/7 Support

Zenbase works around the clock to analyze and optimize your work and business.

Unlock your growth

How much is your time worth? The average Maia subscriber saves 10 hours every week.

Unlock what you're capable of.
Unlimited requests
All file types
Attach links
1 integration
1 Workspace
25 messages / hour
Basic support
Become super human.
Attach links
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited workspaces
Unlimited messages
Priority support
Analyzing all my startup data has never been quicker.

Become Superhuman

Level up your work, improve your productivity, and save time with an all knowing dashboard that keeps track of everything.